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Help Grow my Vision

Dear Potential Investors, my name is Sharita for short my friends call me Ri and My middle name is Joyce. I am the proud owner of Ri'Joyce Pies, a 5-star pie business dedicated to bringing joy and delicious baked goods to our community. As a master baker, my passion for creating delectable pies has been the driving force behind my business. However, I am now faced with the challenge of rising product costs, economic uncertainties, and the pressing need to upgrade my equipment to maintain the high standards that my customers expect from Ri'Joyce Pies. I am trying to meet the needs of my customers but its very difficult.

The Success Story

Ri'Joyce Pies has been a labor of love, and I take immense pride in the 5-star reviews and positive feedback from our loyal customer base. These accolades are a testament to the quality, taste, and love that goes into each and every pie that leaves our kitchen. Achieving 5 stars in the community has been a milestone I hold dear, but maintaining this standard has become increasingly challenging due to equipment wear and tear and financial constraints.

The Challenge

The recent issues with my gas stove and mixer have significantly impacted the efficiency and quality of my production. The irregular heating of the gas stove and the malfunctioning mixer have hindered my ability to deliver the consistent quality that Ri'Joyce Pies is known for. As a result, I am facing a critical crossroad where the financial constraints and the inability to secure funding may force me to close my beloved business and seek full-time employment.

The Solution

To overcome these challenges and continue delighting our community with delicious pies, I am seeking investment to fund the replacement of the gas stove and mixer, as well as cover the increased costs of production. This investment will directly contribute to the sustainability and growth of Ri'Joyce Pies, ensuring that we can continue to serve our community with the same level of excellence that has earned us our 5-star reputation. Additionally, the funds will help offset the impacts of the fluctuating economic conditions and enable me to maintain the quality of our ingredients and services.

The Business Opportunity

Ri'Joyce Pies occupies a unique position within our community, as there are few pie bakers offering the same level of quality and personalized service. By investing in Ri'Joyce Pies, you are not only supporting a local small business, but also becoming a part of a brand that is deeply rooted in passion, community, and exceptional culinary experiences. Your investment will directly contribute to the sustainability and growth of Ri'Joyce Pies, enabling us to continue creating moments of joy and satisfaction for our customers.

The Financial Plan

The investment will primarily be allocated towards the purchase of a new gas stove, mixer, and covering the increased production costs. Additionally, a portion of the funds will be used for marketing and promotional activities to further expand our customer base and strengthen our presence in the community. I am committed to making every dollar count and ensuring that the investment contributes to the long-term success of Ri'Joyce Pies.


I am dedicated to preserving the legacy of Ri'Joyce Pies and continuing to be a beacon of joy and satisfaction for our valued customers. Your investment will not only help keep the doors of Ri'Joyce Pies open but also empower me to pursue my dream of making every sweet moment memorable through the art of pie-making. I sincerely hope that you will see the potential in this opportunity and join me in this exciting journey to sustain and grow Ri'Joyce Pies.


Thank you for considering my proposal and for your time and attention.


Sincerely, Sharita Attiah/Ri'Joyce Pies

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